LRVC is comprised of local veterans and community leaders working to implement the Veteran-focused Together With veterans suicide prevention program in the Lakes Region


The Together With Veterans is a five-phase process to support rural communities in developing a local action plan to prevent Veteran suicide. The five Phases guide the community through identifying Veterans and other key partners; learning about suicide prevention and specific community strengths and needs; and developing and carrying out an effective local Veteran suicide prevention action plan.

Guiding Principles

  1. Veteran-Driven: Veterans provide permission and work together to implement TWV in their community. Veterans provide leadership to guide the TWV process
  2. Collaborative: Community partners play a key role in successfully supporting Veterans and their families. Informed and educated community partners are better equipped to address the needs of Veterans. Collaboration and education will strengthen the suicide prevention network for Veterans, their families, and friends.
  3. Evidence-Informed: TWV strategies are drawn from well-researched models that have been shown to effectively reduce suicide.
  4. Community-Centered: TWV partnerships develop a unique suicide prevention action plan based on community strengths and addressing community needs. TWV action plans are reviewed and revised as needed to promote success

Focused Priority Areas and TWV Strategies

The evidence-based suicide prevention strategies are used by TWV to support the local planning efforts. These strategies are designed for community-wide implementation to increase awareness and knowledge about Veteran suicide and improve community response to the needs of local Veterans.