Get Involved

We are seeking partners/members who are interested in combatting Veteran suicide in the community in ‘whatever’ capacity they would be interested in and for ‘any’ time length they can give.

  • Any role can play as much as they have time and energy for in their capacity
  • Time commitments are flexible but can include all meetings, training, community or outreach events, etc.

Steering Committee

•Role – Governance and leadership of the TWV Team. Monitors progress towards achieving goals. Represent TWV program locally. Establishes organizational structure. Oversee facilitator and coordinator.

•Expectations – Participate in at least monthly Steering Committee meetings. Preferably also participate in all TWV activities, meetings & training, and TWV Team meetings.

•Can be community partners and other interested individuals/organizations in the area.

Time commitment – Flexible, 2 hrs/month up to 5-7 hrs/month

Team Members

•Role – Provides input and expertise. Supports TWV activities. Attends monthly meetings.

•Expectations – Participate in monthly TWV meetings, if available. Preferably participate in all TWV activities & training.

•Can be community partners and other interested individuals (veterans, family members, citizens, etc.) and organizations in the area.

Time commitment – Flexible/as available up to 3 to 5 hrs/month

Community Partners

•Expectations/Role – Get the word out about TWV activities to staff & clients. Participate in TWV activities, meetings & training as desired.

•Organizations that provide mental health services or other veteran services in the area.

•Can be TWV Team members and Steering Committee members if desired. Can be active or silent partners – act as counsel, special meetings, or TWV meetings.

Time commitment – Flexible/as available

For more information or to get involved use the form below.